How to Decorate a Party Room

A party room game idea is a space for parties, usually in a private home. They are also often used as family rooms, dining areas or additional dens.

Design the facility with the flow of guests in mind. How do they get in, where do they go and when does the time come for them to vacate?

Decorate with Balloons and String Lights

A party isn’t complete without balloons and these LED set takes the fun to a whole new level. They’re battery operated and come with ten balloons per string that light up to add instant atmosphere.

Use a simple backdrop to frame a dessert or welcome table, or drape one over a seating area for a more dramatic effect. This gold fringe backdrop can be used to create a photo booth or to add sparkle to engagement parties.

Balloons can be used to make archways, garland and bunches. Tie together to make them taller, or use them to cover tables as a centerpiece. Use a color-coordinating ribbon to embellish each one, or even tulle for a more elegant look.

If you’re decorating for a birthday, try adding metallic balloon emoji to celebrate the age of your guest of honor. Or hang photos of them growing up on the wall with a rainbow of colors from these mini lights.

Hang Photos on the Wall

Displaying photos is a fun way to bring cherished memories to your party space. Use a photo cube display to create an eye-catching centerpiece, or hang framed clusters of photos on the wall. For an exciting twist, try displaying standee cutouts for your guests to pose with; not only is this fun and interesting, but each guest will get to take home a physical reminder of the fun they had at the event.

Another great idea is to hang a number display with photos of your guests, either from family or friends; just designate each number to a group of pictures, and then arrange them on the wall to create a numbered collage. If you want an easy and convenient way to hang pictures, try using Command Picture Hanging Strips; these strips will keep your photos securely attached to the wall without leaving behind any residue when they’re removed.

Add a Tablecloth or Tablecloths

Table covers and table linens are a practical accoutrement that protect tables from drink spills, lower noise levels and conserve space on crowded tables. They also offer a variety of decorative possibilities that complement the party’s theme and color scheme.

Depending on the venue, occasion and event type, there’s an ideal table cover for every celebration. A children’s birthday bash or outdoor carnival might benefit from a plastic table cloth that keeps kids from ruining tables with soda splashes and fallen frosting. For a more elegant wedding reception or exotic evening affair, premium satin and taffeta table covers create a formal look.

If you don’t have time to iron your linens before the party room game idea, leave them draped overnight and smooth out any creases in the morning. For a festive touch, use brightly colored tablecloths to match the party’s theme or choose white and ivory linens for an elegant look. You can also repurpose plastic tablecloths as wall art by cutting them into strips and tying them together at regular intervals to create a funky, colorful garland.

Use Pillows for Seating

When it comes to seating for a big group, pillows are the easiest (and most comfortable) solution. Whether you’re hosting friends for a Saturday brunch or movie night, floor cushions can make the space feel more like home and encourage people to hang out in conversation.

When shopping for a seat pillow, consider fabric and fill. Feather and down fills tend to be softer and more malleable than foam, which holds its shape but may not feel as comfortable.

Another important factor to consider is texture: Mixing patterns and textures adds interest. Try pairing a hand-braided jute pillow with knit wools and leather lumbar pillows for an eclectic, but still cohesive, look. Just be sure to keep a consistent color palette in mind to avoid a visual mess! (EHD’s rule of thumb). You can read more about creating a cohesive color palette here.

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