How to Remodel a Party Room

If you enjoy hosting, a kids party game idea may be the perfect addition to your home. Remodeling offers the opportunity to transform a naturally lit loft, creative studio or other room into an ideal social commune.

Look closely at your home’s architecture and interior design to see which elements will lend themselves to a party room. Consider frameless interior windows, which exemplify your home’s beauty and create a spacious ambiance for guests.

Decorate the Walls

Using removable mounting tape or ribbon, hang photos and art on the walls to make them party-ready. You can also drape streamers from the ceiling and create fun garland. You can twist the ends of ribbon to give the garland a spiraled effect.

The color of furniture, pillows, pictures, accessories and flooring can help tie your theme together and infuse the room with wondrous ambiance. If you have a view to enhance, consider adding frameless sliding doors into the room that lead to a deck or patio.

If your guests will be smoking, place a butt bucket outside the room for them to discard their cigarette butts. You can also provide trash receptacles throughout the party to keep the room clean as the event progresses.

Hang Photos

Decorate the walls with photos or pieces of artwork that honor the guest of honor or support the party theme. Use poster-hanging tape for best results when hanging these decorations on painted walls. It’s less sticky than regular tape and reduces the risk of pulling paint off the wall.

Hanging pictures is a simple and affordable way to make a home party room come alive. You can also use them to decorate tables and chairs. Twist lengths of streamers to form affordable crepe paper bunting or spell out names or messages with twisted lengths of streamer. You can even use alternating colors of streamers to create a colorful tassel garland for the guest of honor’s chair.

If you plan to hang framed photos on the walls, mark the location of each nail with pencil and a spirit level. Then, stick a piece of longer marked tape to the wall at the same spot. Use the marks as a guide to hang your picture frames.

Add Balloons and String Lights

A party room isn’t complete without some vibrant balloons. Inflate a few balloons to create a backdrop for a photo booth area, or use them in a variety of ways to add a festive touch to your dining room or living space.

If you have a staircase in your home, consider tying a few balloons to the banister to add a fun pop of color. Just be mindful of safety, ensuring that the balloons don’t obstruct the walkway or pose a tripping hazard for guests.

Make the most of your lighting, whether it’s an overhead fixture in your den or a patio set of gas logs outside. Proper lighting can make a big difference in your party room’s overall ambiance.

Create a Centerpiece

A centerpiece is essential to any kids party game idea, whether you’re hosting a sit-down dinner or buffet style event. A floral arrangement is always a good choice, but you can also use other types of decor to create a unique table centerpiece.

If you’re going for a festive theme, try creating a centerpiece from pine cones, apples, and other holiday decorations. A jack-o-lantern is an excellent option for a Halloween party, while a large bowl filled with fruit or flowers can be a great decoration for a Christmas party.

When choosing centerpiece decor, keep the size of your tables in mind. It’s important that your guests can see each other across the table without having to peer over or around any centerpieces. For rectangular tables, consider using multiple smaller arrangements rather than one larger centerpiece. This will also leave room for plates, napkins, and silverware. You can also try using natural objects such as clear glass apothecary jars filled with colored stones or sand, birdcages, lanterns, and seashells as centerpieces.

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