How to Decorate a Party Room

A kids party game idea is a space in your home that functions as a den, dining room, gathering or recreation area. It should be near the kitchen to facilitate easy access to food and drinks. It should also have plenty of windows to provide environmental control.

Providing conveniently located trash receptacles keeps your Party Room clean and cuts down on cleanup time. You can use large metal containers or pottery urns.

Decorate the Walls

Some home remodeling projects include a special room dedicated to hosting parties. Others use existing rooms, such as a dining room, second den or extra living space, to host guests. Whichever type of room you choose, make sure that the interior design meets your family’s lifestyle and entertaining needs.

Hanging decorations on the walls adds a festive touch to any space. You can find posters and banners that reference your party theme, or you can frame photos of the guest of honor or images that fit your event. Opt for poster hanging tape, available at craft and party supply stores, over standard duct tape. This tape is less sticky and decreases the risk of pulling paint off of painted walls.

You can also add a lot of fun with inflatable decorations. These are available in a variety of shapes and sizes that suit most themes. Hang some on the ceiling as well to create a focal point for the room.

Add Balloons

A simple, but effective way to decorate a party room is with a balloon wall. This look is easy to achieve and it can be changed depending on the occasion or theme.

Use a mixture of colors to create a fun, whimsical display. This example from a birthday celebration features light, medium, and dark pink balloons to create an ombre effect.

For a more dramatic effect, try a balloon arch like this one. It’s the perfect entrance feature for any celebration and looks especially stunning when illuminated with a spotlight.

Streamers and garlands can be used to tie the room’s decor together. They’re great for creating a focal point on the party table or hanging from the ceiling. Garlands can also be made out of other things like candy, flowers, or even tassels! Having multiple receptacles for trash can help keep the party area clean and uncluttered. Make sure there’s a designated place for guests to dispose of their cigarette butts too.

Hang String Lights

String lights can add a magical touch to any room in the house. Whether you use a simple white LED or more festive Edison bulbs, they are sure to brighten up your party.

When purchasing strands of lights, it’s important to consider the amount of length you’ll need and if it will be possible to connect multiple strands together. You also want to select a brand that keeps replacement bulbs in stock year around as opposed to one that only sells them during the holidays.

To prevent tangled bulbs, remove them from the string before hanging them. This will make it much easier to install your lights and will reduce the likelihood that the bulbs break. Begin installation by choosing the locations where you would like to hang the hooks, hangers or zip ties (if you’re using them). Install each one, leaving enough slack in the light string so that it can be fed through the first hole.

Hang Photos

Use photos as a creative way to decorate your kids party game idea. For example, if you are throwing a birthday party for someone who loves music or movies, hang photos of famous musicians and actors on the wall. Another eye-catching photo display idea is to create a number collage on the wall using black and white or color photos. You can even designate a number to each group of pics, such as friends for the 0, family for the 2, and so on.

You can also add a colorful touch to your party by attaching photos to balloons and creating a photo balloon bouquet.

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