How to Decorate Your Party Room

Many homeowners create a special room in their house to use for parties. This room can be a dining room, living room or an additional den.

Room parties can be claustrophobic, but are fun for fans who can’t normally meet one another in person. These events often include games, raffles and giveaways.

Hang Streamers

Streamers make a bold, inexpensive decoration that makes a big impact on your kids party game idea . They come in a wide range of colours, so you can match the look to your specific event or theme.

Start with a focal point, such as a light fixture, and drape streamers from it to all the outer walls. Aim for each length to extend a few feet past the outer wall for a dramatic effect. It is a good idea to overestimate this length; you can always trim it later.

Twist the streamers together or alternate colors for a more textured and interesting look. This is easy to do and looks very professional.

Another option is to cover a banister or railing with streamers. This works best when you are using a large number of long strands of alternating colours, such as in this example from online party resource Oh Happy Day. It’s a cheap way to turn a simple, open space into an intimate party area for a milestone birthday or baby shower.

Hang a Garland

Use a garland kit to create a bold statement piece in your kids party game idea. There are many kits available that feature simple yet attractive balloons and everything you need to create a beautiful display for your event.

Add a pop of color to the walls with garlands draped in your theme colors. Add ribbons or twine to the garland to create swags. Alternatively, you can also use zip ties to secure the garland and hang it from hooks on the wall or if there are existing picture frames in your entryway, simply hammer a nail in based on the length of the garlands you plan on using.

Once the garland is hung, add in any other themed decorations like banners, tissue fans or photo booth backdrops to complete your display. Be sure to keep the garland away from anything that could pierce it as you want your guests to be safe. Glue dots are an easy option to prevent damage and to allow you to re-attach the items later on in the event.

Use Pillows

Add a cozy, inviting touch to chairs and sofas by placing pillows around the room. Mix prints and fabrics to create a more eclectic look, or stick with one theme for a more cohesive style. Choose throw pillows with woven textures, fringed edges or tone-on-tone patterns to complement your party’s color palette.

When choosing pillow inserts, select ones that meet your sustainability and health goals. Foam pillows with CertiPUR-US certification are free of heavy metals, ozone depleters and other toxins. Down products with Responsible Down Standard certification are ethically sourced and processed. For those who like a little more bounce in their pillows, hybrid options with foam and poly fill offer support without losing their shape as quickly as down.

Set up a pillow painting station and provide your guests with a kit that includes a stencil and a dense foam roller. This activity will keep your guests busy and engaged as they work to paint pretty patterns on their pillow covers.

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