Remodeling a Party Room

A party room game idea is a central space in many condominium buildings where residents can gather for socialization or relaxation. This space may also serve as an event venue for building-wide social events.

Room parties were a fun way for fans to meet one another and exchange fandom gossip in a small, close-quartered environment. Although claustrophobic and often smoky from food, drink and in early years, cigarette smoke, it was an opportunity to be social in person.


A Party Room (also called a Sal, salon, or drawing room) is a space used for social gatherings and entertainment. It is often located in the front of the home, and is more formal than a family room or living room. A remodeling project is the best time to incorporate a Party Room, but even an existing den, dining room or second living room can be transformed into one.

Room parties are a popular form of entertainment that allow fans to meet other fans and talk about their favorite books, movies, TV shows or fandoms. While close quarters, food and drink and in the early days cigarette smoking can make room parties claustrophobic for some guests, they are still a fun way to meet fellow fans and discuss their shared interests.

Seat younger guests near the dance floor to ensure they can access entertainment throughout the night. Make sure the room is equipped for food buffets and drink stations, and that a trash can be easily accessed.

Food & Drink

If frequent entertaining is a part of your lifestyle, it may be worth building or remodeling to include a home party room. Alternatively, you can turn an existing dining area, living room or second den into one. Movable furniture will allow you to shift seating arrangements to suit a variety of party themes.

Make sure the room is equipped for food buffets and drink stations. For example, a sink can be filled with ice for soda and beer, while an ottoman covered in a solid white tablecloth makes a quick and easy hors-d’oeuvre station. Frameless glass sliding doors can be opened to the outdoors for ease of entertaining during warm weather.

Bobst Library is dedicated to protecting an environment conducive to intellectual pursuit. Food and drinks can damage collections and equipment and create messes and noises that disturb other Library users. Please see the Food & Drink Policy for details.


The seating available in a party room game idea can make a big difference in the guest’s experience. Ensure there are plenty of chairs and couches, as well as some short stools for networking and groupings. You should also consider storing coffee tables and other unessential furniture from the area during your party so that you can create more breathable space for guests to move around and mingle.

Consider placing trash receptacles in convenient locations for your guests. This will help with cleanup and encourage your guests to use them throughout the night. Cigarette butt buckets can also be an excellent way for guests to dispose of their cigarette butts without having to leave the party or search for a proper container. This will also reduce the amount of smoke in the air for those who are not smokers. Consider frameless interior glass windows to enhance the beauty of your home while allowing the party space to easily transition into an outdoor patio for summer parties.


Decorations can bring a party theme to life and focus attention on key details. Themes and colors can also influence the way guests feel about a room.

Hanging a banner or a garland is a simple and inexpensive way to tie a room together. Many stores sell inflatable decorations that fit a variety of themes, such as palm trees and treasure chests.

For a more dramatic look, drape the ceiling with streamers and balloons. You can also hang crepe paper and twist it as you go to create a spiraled effect.

If you have a lot of furniture, you may want to move it away from the party room during your bash. Coffee tables and entertainment consoles can be tripping hazards, and angular furniture arrangements can create “poison arrows” that direct negative energy toward specific areas of the room. Also, don’t forget to decorate the walls with pictures and artwork. If the party is honoring a guest of honor, consider using photos of them in frames.

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