Airsoft Magazine

Airsoft Magazine is a monthly publication focused on the global airsoft community. It features articles on the latest equipment and offers advice for improving your airsoft experience.

Airsoft magazines are designed to look like the weapon they are made for, but they all work the same way. They hold BBs and compress a spring which feeds them into the gun as you fire.

High-Capacity Magazines

While the bulk of magazines are polymer, there is an entire subset of steel and aluminum magazines out there. One example is Lancer Systems Advanced Warfighter Magazines (AWMs). They are about the same price as a PMAG, but are made from steel instead of polymer, and are considered to be more durable. They also have steel feed lips instead of aluminum, which are considered to be a more rigid structure.

The relationship between high-capacity magazines and mass shootings has fueled calls to restrict magazine capacities. While it is difficult to make a general ban on these types of magazines, states and localities are imposing restrictions.

Some of these are based on capacity while others are centered around safety and performance. For instance, some states have banned magazines with more than 10 rounds. It is important to remember that it takes many rounds to thwart most attackers, not the single shot depicted in movies and television.

Low-Capacity Magazines

When someone commits a mass shooting, gun-control advocates and the news media immediately zero in on the shooter’s weapon of choice. If he uses an AR-15 with a high-capacity magazine, the debate begins over whether such magazines should be banned.

While some of the so-called high capacity magazines are more likely to malfunction than standard ones, there is not enough practical data to show that they increase the lethality of a shooting. Furthermore, there are more than a billion detachable magazines in circulation, and enforcing a ban on them would be extremely difficult without draconian police actions that could be used against peaceful citizens.

If you’re looking for a reliable magazine, look for a model that has steel feed lips and a follower instead of aluminum. These are harder to deform and more durable than plastic. You can also go old-school with all-metal USGI-style magazines, which are relatively inexpensive and still widely available. The only drawback is that they are slightly less reliable than modern polymer magazines.

Mid-Capacity Magazines

These Airsoft Magazine fit a middle amount of BBs and use a simple spring action to feed. They are used by players that want realism and don’t mind having to reload frequently. They work by winding a wheel on the bottom of the magazine that builds up spring tension. This pulls BBs up into the magazine to be fired and they keep feeding until the mag is empty.

This type of magazine requires less maintenance than a High Cap mag. They also don’t rattle like a High Cap mag which can be distracting to your opponents in stealth situations. However, the spring will wear down over time and should be inspected when it’s 80% worn. A worn follower can cause misfeeds and jams. A mid capacity magazine works well for most airsoft gun types and offers a good balance between capacity and realism.

Standard Magazines

Whether you’re looking for a standard 30-round magazine or one that holds more rounds, there are plenty of options to choose from. Most of these magazines are reliable and fairly inexpensive. Some even have extra features, like windows that show you how much ammunition is left and witness holes in the back or side to help with reloading.

Polymer and metal magazines are both great choices, and the choice should mostly come down to your preferences and shooting needs. However, polymer mags have one major advantage over metal ones: they’re less likely to break or become unreliable due to a problem with the feed lips.

The most popular polymer magazine is the Magpul PMAG. It’s a good option for both competition shooters and home defense shooters. It is available in a variety of capacities and is compatible with most STANAG 5.56 firearms. The only drawback to this magazine is the fact that it can sometimes be difficult to tell if the feed lips have been deformed, which can cause problems with reliably feeding.

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