How to Choose a Moving Company

When it comes to hiring a moving company, you have a lot of options. Allied Van Lines and American Van Lines are two of the most well-known names, but there are many others to choose from as well. These companies offer their 搬運服務 in different regions, so they can offer services to a variety of customers. Some of the companies you can look at include Snapmoves and American Van Lines.

Allied Van Lines

Allied Van Lines is a long-distance moving company that has over 400 locations across the United States and Canada. Its network of locations makes it one of the largest long-distance movers in the moving industry. They offer a variety of services, from packing and moving your household items to helping you relocate your office or business.

Allied Van Lines provides full-service 搬運服務, which include the unpacking, packing, and transporting of your belongings. These services are ideal for relocating overseas or if you need to move fragile items. They also offer storage and vehicle shipping services, if you need them.

Allied Van Lines also offers a variety of moving containers. If you’re moving temporarily, or don’t want to use moving boxes, you can rent a moving container for a short period of time. Alternatively, Allied provides a full-service moving crew with two to four members. These movers will pack your items and place them in their proper rooms. They will even assemble your items, if you request.

Allied Van Lines is a professional moving company with over 400 agents across the country. They have some of the most efficient storage facilities in the industry. While they don’t score as high as their competitors, Allied Van Lines’ carriers are almost perfect when it comes to customer satisfaction. If you are moving internationally, Allied Van Lines offers a GlobalCom service, which enables you to track the status of your shipment. They also offer assistance with customs forms, temporary international storage, and visas.

American Van Lines

American Van Lines is a moving company that offers competitive rates for moving. The rates depend on the distance from your current location to your new one, the number of items you’re moving, and the services you need. In addition, you’ll need to consider insurance. American Van Lines offers two types of insurance. The first is called Released Value Protection, and it’s included in your moving estimate. The second type costs extra, but covers the replacement value of your possessions.

For long distance moves, American Van Lines recommends booking at least 12 weeks in advance. However, if you’re moving locally, you can book with them a few days prior. Long distance moves can take between two to 21 days from pickup, while international moves can take up to a month.

When using American Van Lines, you’ll receive a bill of lading, which lists all of the items being moved. This bill of lading also serves as a contract between the moving company and you. It explains the price and terms of service, and you should read it before signing.

As a company, American Van Lines follows strict safety protocols set by the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This includes drug testing and pre-screening of employees. It also requires delivery drivers to wear protective gear such as gloves and masks. It also asks that sick employees stay at home instead of working.


If you’re planning a move and are on a budget, Snapmoves is a great option. The company provides moving containers that are clean and secure, and their professionals pack and load your things for you. In addition, they provide a reliable pickup and delivery date, and you can pick how many containers you need.

United Van Lines’ Snapmoves program is geared towards people who are moving to or from a smaller home. It offers full-service moving services for apartments, studios, and one-bedroom houses. Additionally, it offers full-service international moving to 180 countries, with a moving manager to manage the logistics. The company coordinates land, air, and sea transportation. It also provides port-to-port delivery services for overseas moves.

Mayflower also offers a program called Snapmoves for small moves. Similar to PODS, Snapmoves offers a fast quote process and customized plans for your move. It also offers full-value protection to protect your items from damage or theft during transit. The company is also available to provide storage for businesses, with a dedicated team of agents.

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